ronHASLAM01Bike racing legend Ron Haslam and his wife Ann run The Honda Ron Haslam Race School at Donington Park in Leicestershire.  The family team is often supported by their son, World Superbike championships racer Leon who rides for the PATA Honda team.

The Haslams school returned to Donington in 2013 after a short spell at Silverstone.  Donington was the scene of many of Ron’s racing triumphs, when he was a top-line rider from the 1970s to the mid 1990s, and he is now the school’s principal tutor.

The school, backed by Japanese manufacturer Honda, was forced to move to Silverstone after sections of the Donington track were dug up as part of the failed attempt to bring the British Formula One car Grand Prix to the circuit.

Ann, who masterminds the behind-the-scenes running of the operation, said: “It feels like coming home because we have run the schools for 17 years and were here at Donington for 13 years before we had to move.  It was very sad when the circuit closed down and we have been very happy at Silverstone, but this is a real motorcycle circuit.”

Click on the image below to sit on a Honda Fireblade and join Ron & Leon in the pit lane at Donington Park on a race school day.


If you are really brave check out this video for a racers eye view of a lap of Donington Park.